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Teach at Makers' Mercantile

Do you have a passion for teaching fiber arts workshops? We are always looking for qualified instructors to share techniques with our customers. We are focused primarily on the fiber arts, particularly: 

• Knitting & Crochet
• Sewing & Quilting
• Weaving
• Felting
• Spinning
• Dyeing
• Cross Stitch, Needlepoint & Embroidery

Here is what we offer to you, the Instructor:
Bright, dedicated classrooms equipped with:

• Tables and chairs for up to 18 (more can be accommodated by special request)
• White board & markers
• Printing of handouts
• Overhead Projector and/or projector and screen
• Advertising and promotion for your class through:
          Social media
          In-shop flyers
          Website calendar
• Handling of all payments

How it works:
Makers’ Mercantile® promotes, coordinates, and prepares a welcoming space for your class(es). We welcome students to the shop, collect all payments and have the ability to sell materials as needed to students. Instructors are charged $5.00 per hour/per student of class time. 30 minutes before and after class are included at no additional charge for set-up and tear-down. There is a minimum Instructor fee of $50.00 (This equals 5 students for two hours).

Immediately following your class(es), you will be issued a check for the sum collected as payment for your classes, minus the hourly fees. You will need to provide us with a W-9 prior to receiving your check. You will be responsible for all other incurred expenses, such as transportation, lodging and food.

An instructor leads a 3-hour class with 15 students. Each student pays $75.00 for the class.

We calculate compensation as follows:
Class fee (per student) $75.00
Number of students 15
Total fees collected $1,125.00
Instructor Fees* $225.00
Amount due Instructor $900.00

In this example, the instructor pays Makers’ Mercantile® $225.00 (45 billable hours at $5.00 per hour). If you charge $75.00 per student for this 3 hour class, Makers’ Mercantile® collects $1,125.00 on your behalf. At the end of the event, we then write you a check for your compensation: $1,125.00 minus fees of $225.00, so $900.00.

Interested in teaming up with us? For your classes to be considered, please provide the following information. We will review your proposal and contact you to let you know if we can arrange an event.

Once details are finalized and everyone agrees to the details, we will ask you to sign a contract.

Email proposals to:

Proposals should include the following:
• Description of class or workshop – this description will be used in promotional material.
• Duration of class and number of sessions (if needed)
• Minimum and maximum number of students.
• Our class cancellation date (Move-Forward date) is 7 days prior to class. Your minimum number of students must be signed up by this time to avoid cancelation.
• Materials list and fees. We prefer to use materials from our shop, and will work with you to create a materials checklist featuring items we sell. Under certain circumstances, you may provide your own materials.
• If providing your own materials, they must be included in the price of the class / workshop.
• A biography of yourself with a high-resolution photo.
• Digital images of (high-resolution) that can be used in sales materials.

* $5.00/hr x 3 hours per student = $15.00 per student. 15 students x $15.00/student = $225.00 fees due Makers’