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addiExpress KINGSIZE Knitting Machine [WAITLIST]

PLEASE NOTE: These machines are currently out of stock. To be notified when they are available again, please add your name to the waiting list HERE. Thank you!

The addiExpress Kingsize knitting machine makes it easy to create knitted projects in no time. This machine allows you to knit both flat and tubular pieces easily. The larger size of the Kingsize machine means that you can now make hats in a very small amount of time. This is a great way to quickly knit hats for charity events. When you use the machine to knit flat pieces they can be up to 17.5 inches wide. You can easily sew them together to create larger garments and accessories. addiExpress stoppers are included and allow you to increase and decrease stitches when knitting a flat piece. These machines feature a manual counter.

The addiExpress knitting machines bear a 1 year warranty. These machines are intended for hobby purposes only and are not warrantied against overuse from production.
That all being said, look at this review!

Posted April 7, 2022
I purchased your King Size Addi  Express machine the end of March 2021.  I have made over 500 hats that I donate to the homeless children that ride the school bus.  Just wanted to let you know it is still working great and I am enjoying using it.


Thank you, J.G.