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Sheepy Notions Bag - Makers' Exclusive

Our Makers' Print Shop creates each individual bag by hand!  From the design to the printing to the sewing, it is all done in-house right here in Seattle, Washington!

Our bags are created with a linen-feel polyester that washes up easily and is thick enough to keep knitting needles and crochet hooks from popping through.  We don't skimp on the zipper, always choosing a 5mm zipper in a coordinating color with an easy to grasp pull.  The bags are light weight and feature the Makers' Mercantile logo on one side.

Save by purchasing either our Knitter's or Crocheter's Gift Pack and get 5 for $55.00!  Each Knitter's Gift Pack includes one each of: Plaid Knit, Teal Waves Knit, Winter Wonderland Knit, Red Gingham Generic and Grey Tweed Generic.  Each Crocheter's Gift Pack includes one each of: Ombre Crochet, Grey Wool Crochet, Plaid Crochet, Red Gingham Generic and Grey Tweed Generic. 

Although we keep a small supply on hand ready to ship so that our customers needn't wait, these bags are made as they are ordered, greatly reducing waste.

These bags measure approximately 9.5" wide by 8" high.

Original sheep illustrations by Popmarleo.