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Makers' Mystery Monster Grab Bag

Purchase our limited edition Makers' Mystery Monster Grab Bag and be amazed at the savings and splendor as you discover what your bag entails!  In each bag, you'll find a gathering of current, retired and/or discontinued yarns and buttons, all perfect for knitting or crocheting monsters. Every bag is different, and promises to be fun to unbox. 

Guaranteed to be in each bag: Enough yarn for minimally 4 monsters, an assortment of buttons for eyes and such, one US 10.75 (7mm) addi Lace needle, which is appropriate for the yarns enclosed. 

And...of course you get the delightful Monster Project Bag!  This backpack style drawstring bag has a cute as a button monster on the front, surrounded by a hand-painted heart, and the back features the pattern to knit your monsters! This bag was designed, printed and sewn in our own studios and is only included as part of the Makers' Mystery Monster Grab Bag!

These kits are limited, so hurry, as the offer for Mystery Grab Bags may disappear without warning.