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Edward's Imaginarium Book

Make more than a million monsters with this mix-and-match crochet collection!

Ever taken time to think about what the creatures at the bottom of your garden might look like, or visualized the dishelveled hairstyle of the sock monster who lives in your washing machine?

The third book from best-selling author and crochet designer Kerry Lord, Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium is a very unusual pattern book. This interactive mix-and-match flip book has been written to encourage and excite a new diverse audience to get to grips with the British double crochet stitch. Share with your children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews and see their imaginations develop as they design their new favourite friends.

With 23 different heads, 23 different sets of arms and 23 different forms of feet, along with endless amendments including spots, tails, horns and hair - there’s truly countless combinations to let your creativity run wild.

There's an impressive gallery of creatures Kerry and her team of Creative Experts brought to life in a wide combination of colours from the electric blue Dylan who has developed a taste for mobile phone batteries, sunshine yellow Caleb who’s a family man and Fudge brown Gertrude who would not look out of place at the bottom of the deepest lake.

As always, the Technicals pages do not disappoint, with full color photography demonstrating every vital technique, whether just picking up a crochet hook for the first time or a competent crafter, including tips and tricks for giving your monsters personality (it’s all about the face!).