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Comical Knitters - Makers' Exclusive Project Bag

This large bag was designed, printed and sewn on our premises, with knitters in mind!  The all over printed pattern on the outside has abbreviations and terminology commonly used by knitters - all perfectly illustrated in comically whimsical fonts. The inside is just as lovely, with a knitted print, shown to the left of the bag in the photo. These bags are large enough to hold a sweater and as an added bonus - they stretch!  That's right, we repurposed some of legging material we had in house to create these bags.  What does that mean to you?  The bags have just enough slickness to prevent your yarns, especially uneven ones like boucle, from sticking to the fabric.  The bags are dense enough so your knitting needles will not pop through, and you can really stuff them - as the material stretches as you put more and more and more yarn in them!