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BC Garn Soft Silk Yarn

Soft Silk is a soft and rustic bourette silk, also known as raw silk. A nice silk that ensures a great result - ideal for baby and children’s garments, because of the silk quality: warm in winter and cooling on a hot summer day.

Due to the high proportion of silk glue (whose smell dissipates relatively quickly), the bourette silk is said to have a natural healing power - it also has anti-inflammatory effects and soothes the skin. The yarn is therefore also ideal for baby and children’s clothing.

Note: To dye silk in these deep colors, a lot of dye is necessary. It may be that the knitted piece bleeds a little when it is washed for the first time. We recommend rinsing with a little vinegar in cold water before wearing it for the first time.

Leaf Patterned Sweater

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