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Red Ring Pro -22 needles

One of the most easily identified parts on the addi Express. This part has many points and ridges, and provides a guided entry for the needles to come up through and grab the yarn from the Gold Yarn Guide as you are turning the handle. You will notice while knitting on the machine, that this part acts as a knitting needle or cord on a circular, in the way that each stitch hangs off its points. This part also has the number for each needle visible next to each needle space, so if you remove this ring from your machine, be sure to put it back with the correct number correlating to the appropriate needle. When you Cast Off, you will be removing the stitches from these same tiny spires.

Includes 1 red ring.

How to Replace: Looking down at the top of your machine, and using a Phillip’s screwdriver, unscrew the 4 screws holding down the yarn guide ring. Remove this ring and set aside, be sure to place your screws somewhere where they will be easy to find, and won’t roll away. You should be able to pick up the Red Ring at this point, be sure to not disturb the needles that are currently raised towards the guide as you do this. You may now put your new part into place and reassemble.


Your defective part is recyclable.