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Operating Switch Kit

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Flat Knitting Switch– The switch that flips to change your machine from working in the round to knitting flat! This may be one of the more challenging parts on your machine to replace if you’ve never taken apart your machine, because it rests in the middle of the body. Once you become familiar with how the machine is put together, replacing a part like this will be easy to do.

These are interchangeable for the Pro (22 needles) and the King Size (46 needles).

How to Replace: 


There are 2 components to the flat knitting switch.


The bottom panel that is attached with 1 screw and creates tension with the red switch:




And the red switch, which is attached with 4 screws:


You may simply need to tighten the screws on these parts, and if you need direction on how to take your machine apart, you can follow this video:


If the part is broken, you may need a new one.

A quick fix could be to use tape to change the position of the switch.