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Wanderknit | Destination: Mexico

WanderKnit continues with a trip through Mexico! Featuring CoBaSi by HiKoo, this destination includes surprises inspired by Mexico’s rich culture and history, with patterns inspired by the colorful handcrafted tilework and beautifully delicate lace found throughout the country.

Every package is carefully curated and includes a delightful collection of items. You'll find a specially designed themed button to attach to your Wanderknit project tag, along with captivating destination-inspired patterns that are exclusive to travelers for 3 months. Indulge your senses with a delectable treat while immersing yourself in a colorful brochure brimming with fascinating facts about the featured location, all while knitting a fun new project. Our (virtual) trip to Mexico focuses on the Talavera Shawl. Keep reading to learn more!

For your maiden voyage, consider adding the custom WanderKnit tote bag to your order. It features a map of the world where you can commemorate each adventure by affixing your button to each destination. The more you travel with us, the more buttons will adorn your bag! Use it to carry your WIP - it's a tote that loves to travel!

Our Wanderknit kit includes the required yarn to make the Talavera shawl. 


Inspired by Talavera pottery traditions found in Mexico and Spain, where rich colors are glazed onto an off-white base, this shawl contrasts bold colors in a pleasing manner. The tiles’ patterning tends to be symmetrical and fluid, which is reflected here in the colorwork and eyelet knitting. The Talavera Shawl is knit using the mosaic knitting technique, so you never work with more than two colors at a time.

Specifications (below) include the colors of yarn for the Radiante colorway

Radiante Colorway:
Color A: #003 Natural
Color B: #012 Iris Blue
Color C: #051 Raffi
Color D: #057 Gold Crest
Color E: #070 Carrot

Precioso Colorway:
Color A: #001 White
Color B: 
#068 Curacao
Color C: #033 Red Hat Purple
Color D: #007 Kiwi
Color E: #015 Ripe Raspberry

In addition to the Talavera shawl kit, you will also receive the Encaje Bolero pattern! To knit this cute project, simply purchase the required number of hanks of CoBaSi for your preferred size.


This lightweight piece is a perfect spring and summer cover up with delicate lace details. Inspired by the lacework edgings found in mantilla wedding veils, the lace patterns make a graceful edge for this otherwise stockinette garment. Available in 5 sizes, this bolero is knit both flat and, in the round, and finished with eyelet detail at the armholes. The lace elements are only knit in the round making them easy to keep track of and free-from purling!