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Hug Shot Shawl Kit


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This pattern celebrates our pets. Casapinka created a new holiday called “National Hug Your Pet Weekend” to go with the Hug Shot shawl. we think it's an awesome idea, and we thought it'd be fun to share some photos of some of our pets.

Members of our family:

Kyle's Cat:  Lily 
Jen's Dogs: Toujour, Bella, & Bailey
Karin's Dog: Hank
Kat's Puppy: Luka
Kim's Cat: Rocky

Easy garter stitch and fun stripes are perfectly paired with just enough texture and lace to keep you happily knitting away on Hug Shot a fun new shawl from our friend Casapinka. Our kit offers more than enough yarn to knit this fun shawl! Choose your favorite needle, have your pet snuggle next to you, and knit the day away!

Included in each kit:
  • 4 hanks HiKoo Popcycle
  • Hug Shot Pattern from Casapinka 
  • 2 hanks each in two complementary colors
Colorway options:
  • Color A
    • 6002 - Do-able Denim
    • 3006 - Pleased

  • Color B
    • 6002 - Do-able Denim
    • 3008 - Peaceful

  • Color C
    • 6001 - Coral-icious
    • 3005 - Lively

  • Color D
    • 6001 - Coral-icious
    • 3001 - Joy