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Creativo Color Trip by Garn Manufactur

Lovingly hand-dyed by Garn Manufaktur in their creative workshop, this beautiful sock yarn features a single multi color thread that runs through its entire length. Splashes of color are added to create a brilliantly unique yarn that's ideal for socks, cowls, shawls, and more! The polyamide fiber is completely biodegradable within 3 years* and is characterized by high strength, elasticity and durability.

*The fiber degradation process only begins with proper disposal at landfill, where the textile comes into contact with specific microorganisms found in anaerobic conditions. These split the fiber into carbon dioxide and methane, which in turn can be used to generate energy.

Because this yarn is dyed by hand, we encourage you to purchase all the yarn for your project at one time.
We can special order larger quantities if needed.