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Advent Calendar 2022

UPDATE: Sorry! We have sold out of our advent calendars for 2022. 

Discover the ultimate advent calendar with this collection of 24 cakes of gorgeous, Donegal Tweed Merino yarn!

Offered in 4 unique colorways, each collection arrives in its own sturdy box.

Each box also includes an invitation to join the Mystery KAL (knit along) or the Mystery CAL (crochet along). The team at Garn Manufaktur has created beautiful patterns which will be a lot of fun for both beginners and experienced crafters.

What will you make?
Crochet or Knit… shawl or blanket! There are choices to be made, beginning December 1st!

Knit: Two knit shawls can be made from one advent calendar Bobbel Box:

1.     Asymmetrical shawl, approx. 86.5" x 31.5" (220 x 80cm)

2.     Triangular shawl, approx. 92.5" x 37.5" (235 x 95cm) 

(Yes! You can knit one of each of these shawls with just one box!)

Purchase two boxes and make the knitted blanket. This year it is knitted in one piece without seams. 

There is also a tutorial video in the knitting instructions for weaving in ends which saves you from the need to weave all the ends when the project is completed. Additional videos explaining individual patterns are also included.

Crochet: One large shawl can be crocheted from a single advent calendar Bobbel Box. Choose either an asymmetrical shawl or a triangular shawl. 

Once completed, the remaining yarn can be worked into a small shawl.

Purchase TWO Bobbel Boxes and you’ll have enough yarn to knit or crochet a medium-sized blanket worked in one piece without seams.

Beginning December 1, 2022
A new section of each pattern will appear in the Garn Manufaktur Facebook group, and the instructions will also be sent to all buyers by email. Each section is written so it can be created in one evening. 
Note: the individual pattern pieces for the blanket are larger, which means more time is required.

The colors are numbered in the box from 1 to 24 and it is easy to knit + crochet out of the box. The numbers are written in German, so "1 of 24" looks a little different than English - but once you see how they are numbered, it is really easy to keep them in order! Here is an example showing the first 5 cakes of the Harlequin colorway with the German numbers written on the labels, and English translations written below: