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Muriel's Dips

Made in Washington, these delicious homestyle dips and mixes are our favorite! Super easy to use, grab a packet (or three!) and bring the light to the party!

Each 1oz packet is combined with your ingredients to yield approximately 2 cups of delicious dip!

About Muriel's Dips:

Muriel Pederson began making her homestyle dips and mixes to help her eldest grandson when he was 3-years-old. Her grandson was diagnosed with an allergy to the food preservative MSG and his restricted diet prevented him from consuming popular foods. He was also a picky eater, according to Muriel. She noticed that he enjoyed dipping his foods into condiments and decided to create an MSG free, healthy condiment to get her grandson to eat healthy foods without triggering his allergy. Needless to say, he started to eat his vegetables.

She then began to make her dips and mixes for family and social gatherings. Many of her friends and family began to encourage her to turn her hobby into a business more than 30 years ago. She started to attend trade shows and went door to door to local stores to promote her product. In no time, she was selling her dips and mixes in stores all over Washington State and in some other states. She believed in only using quality spices in all of her products and employing her children, grandchildren, and family friends to ensure the quality of her product.

In 2008, Muriel lost her best friend and husband, Bud Pederson. The business was put on hold. In 2009, Muriel began to experience many debilitating symptoms, affecting her health and the business. After many months of tests, doctors found a brain tumor. She underwent surgery and doctors saved her life, but she would not be able to run the business that she built and loved.

Since then, her children and grandchildren have continued to keep the business alive to help support Muriel financially and emotionally. In the past three years, her family built a new processing facility, improved basic business processes and is now looking to expand the business into what it once was and beyond.