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Modular Blocking Wire Set

A perfect companion to our Flexible Blocking Wire Set, the Makers’ Mercantile Modular Blocking Wire Set is ideal for finishing pieces with beautiful, straight edges. Crafted of 306L corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these wires create straight edges with ease. Slightly overlap one rigid wire with the next to create a custom-length wire!

To use
1.     Carefully remove the wires from the storage tube
2.     Feed wire through the outermost edge stitches of the work
3.     For longer projects, overlap two wires by an inch or so to customize the length. Repeat this process on remaining sides
4.     Lay work flat on a blocking mat and pin in place with T-pins (not included)
5.     Allow to dry completely
6.     Remove T-pins and wires
7.     Place the back into storage tin

Made in USA

- Wipe wires with a soft close before using for the first time to remove any residue.
- For intended use only.

Curious how modular blocking wires work? Watch our tutorials