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Shawl Pins and Closures

Notions, Accessories & More > Shawl Pins and Closures
Makers' Mercantile carries an assortment of shawl pins, varying from colorful Bonnie Bishoff and edgy Jul, to shawl sticks made of horn or pins in a lightweight titanium!
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Bonnie Bishoff Bubbles Shawl Pin


Bonnie Bishoff Circle Shawl Pin


Bonnie Bishoff Color Stick


Bonnie Bishoff Ring Shawl Pin


Horn Kilt Pin


JUL Florentine Hinge - Brown


JUL Lock Toggle Closure - Chestnut


JUL Lock Toggle Closure - Chocolate


JUL Spiral Bridge Closure


JUL Swirls Bridge Closure - Pewter


JUL Venetian Hinge - Aubergine


JUL Venetian Hinge Snap Closure - Black


Nickel Kilt Pin


Titanium Kilt Pin