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addi FlipStix Double Point Knitting Needles - 6" or 8" US 0-11

Discover the extraordinary world of knitting with  skacel by addi FlipStix. Meticulously crafted by addi in Germany, these needles redefine the knitting experience through innovative design and sheer practicality. Embracing a unique dual-tip concept, each needle features a combination of a standard tip and a delicate lace tip, catering to diverse knitting styles. The use of featherlight hollow anodized aluminum revolutionizes the weight of the needles, making every stitch effortlessly fluid. Choose between 15cm (6") and 20-23cm (8-9") lengths, and a wide range of sizes from 2mm to 8mm. Each set presents a palette of five distinctive colors, infusing your knitting journey with a burst of creativity.

15cm / 6" long needles available in all sizes

20cm / 8" long needles available in sizes up to US 8
23cm / 9" long needles available in sizes US 9, 10, 10.75, and 11