addi Swing Ergonomic Crochet Hooks .5mm - US J

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Addi Swing Crochet Hooks have a curved, ergonomical design which helps crocheters avoid potential pain and wrist damage. This curved hook is a favorite of many!
Available in sizes: US 18 (0.5mm), 16 (0.6mm), 14 (0.75mm), 12 (1.0mm), 10 (1.25mm), 8 (1.5mm), 6 (1.75mm), A (2.0mm), B (2.5mm), C (3.0mm), D (3.25mm), E (3.5mm), 3.75mm, F (4.0mm), G (4.5mm), H (5.0mm), I (5.5mm), J (6.0mm), K (7.0mm), and L (8.0mm).