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Summer Sorbet Poncho Kit by Susanne Sommer

Looking for a fresh and stylish take on the classic shawl? Look no further than this shawl-turned-poncho designed by Susanne Sommer! The fun, asymmetrical design makes it lightweight and playful, and it's perfect for everyday wear on chilly days. To make it, just knit a top-down shawl and then close it up to form the poncho shape. It features a mix of textures and colors, including seed, garter, and stockinette stitch, along with stripes, short-row sections, eyelets, and slip-stitch colorwork. And for a polished finish, you’ll find a cute i-cord edge. You'll love making this fantastic project out of our featured yarn, Herbstwind by Zitron!

Our kits are offered in a variety of colorways with a suggested color order, but feel free to arrange them in any order you wish.

Strawberry Sorbet (sample)
CC1: 12
CC2: 2
CC3: 11
CC4: 4
CC5: 10

Blueberry Snowcone
CC1: 6
CC2: 13
CC3: 7
CC4: 8
CC5: 3

Gelato Beach
CC1: 27
CC2: 28
CC3: 17
CC4: 20
CC5: 21

Sherbet Fusion
CC1:  23
CC2: 14
CC3: 22
CC4: 18
CC5: 9