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Lady Hootie, The Owl Pillow

This kit was designed to introduce the younger generation to sewing. It will introduce the sewist to sewing curved seams, and clipping them properly so that the curves of the pillow are smooth.  They will also learn how to hand-stitch in order to close the pillow after stuffing.

An informed adult with experience sewing should assist in the learning process.

Each kit contains a pre-printed owl on 100% polyester suede-like fabric which does not fray, and the stuffing for the pillow.
Instructions on how to cut out the pillow and sew the pillow are included as well.
What will be needed in addition is:
Needle & thread
Sewing Machine (optional - you can hand sew, but the material is better machine sewn)
Pins or fabric clips

The pillow is machine washable and dryable when complete.

Approximately 13" high by 8 1/2" wide when stuffed.