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FANtastic Shawl Kit

Designed by Charles Gandy, the FANtastic shawl is an ingenious 8-row repeat that uses clever increases and one teensy short row to create a lovely finished project. Crafted using Zauberball Crazy as C1 and Madrona as C2, your finished wrap will feature reverse stockinette solid stripes within the fan shape.

Our sample was worked using:
C1: Zauberball Crazy 2082
C2: Madrona 1404

Lava Tube
Madrona: 1402
Zauberball Crazy: 2231

Tide Pool
Madrona: 1408
Zauberball Crazy: 2136

Lichen Shield
Madrona: 1418
Zauberball Crazy: 2428

Cranberry Harvest
Madrona: 1409
Zauberball Crazy: 1507

Mountain Violet
Madrona: 1411
Zauberball Crazy: 2427

Polar Iceberg
Madrona: 1400
Zauberball Crazy: 2438