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Wooly Felted Large Tote Bag KIT

Make this luxurious 100% wool large tote bag to use on a daily basis! Designed with you in mind, there is an inside pocket, plus long enough handles to get your elbows through! Embellish to your heart's content! This wool is so easy to needle for appliques, by hand as well as by machine, and you can add your very own flavor to every part of it!

100% Felted Wool, pre-cut pieces. Just sew the pieces together and then get creative embellishing it with wool, beads, trims, or embroidery.

Wool is approximately 1/4" thick and measures - 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" x 5" with two 33" long straps.

What's in this kit?
-Pre-cut wool pieces ready to embellish and assemble
-Foot hardware in Stainless finish
-step-by-step Project sheet with color pictures
-Bonus key fob to match your large tote

What will you still need?
-Polyester construction thread
-Your flavor of embellishments (cork and wool circle/dots not included)
-Sewing machine in good working order
-General sewing supplies