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Our pleated, two-layer cloth face mask has an outer layer that is created out of a waterproof 100% polyester, and the inner layer (which features an opening to place an insert for extra protection) is crafted out of a silver-ion 100% polyester fabric. The mask features an integrated wire to form the mask around the bridge of the nose.

Made in Taiwan, where masks have been worn for years to help protect against disease.

Available individually, or in sets of 5 or 10.

Purchase a set of 10 and receive a pack of pleated inserts as our gift

Mask Care Instructions
Please wash or change your mask daily.
To extend the life of the silver ion protection, hand wash in warm water - below 91 degrees Farenheit (30 degrees Celcius) using neutral detergent.
Do not use bleach, and do not soak for a long time.
Rinse in cold water, and then hang mask to air dry.

Adult Mask: Approximately 3-1/2" high x 7" wide, unexpanded
Child Mask: Approximately 3" high x 6" wide, unexpanded
Nose Wire: Approximately 3" long
Pleated Inserts: Approximately 3" high and 6" wide, pleated