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Pony Flair Interchangeable Knitting Set

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Retail Value: $353.15

Why does the yarn have all the fun? In this interchangeable set, you'll find a collection of hand crafted tips that are created with organic colors. Hand applied individually, each Pony Flair needle is made to delight. These interchangeable knitting needles are highly polished, free from chemicals, and biodegradable. Made from sustainable German precious hardwood maple. 

The superior patented join GLYDON assures you a fabulous, ultra-smooth and luxurious knitting experience. 

The genuine leather, hand-crafted bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, and can accommodate additional suede inserts.  

This set includes:
  • Teal Envia Bag
  • Teal Bag Strap
  • Vertical Suede Insert
  • Zipper Suede Insert

14cm (5.5") Long Interchangeable Needle Tips
3.00 mm (US 2)
4.00 mm (US 6) 
5.00 mm US 8)
6.00 mm (US 10)
7.00 mm (US 10.75)
7.50 mm 
8.00 mm (US 11)
9.00 mm (US 13)
10.00 mm (US 15)

Interchangeble Cables
40 cm
60 cm
80 cm
100 cm
120 cm

One Interchangeable Cable Connector
One pair Brass Cord Stoppers