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The Legacy Umbrella Swift - Large


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This is a traditional Swedish style umbrella swift for winding hanks of yarn. You can pair this umbrella swift with a ball winder to unwind hanks into center pull balls of yarn.

How to unwind a hank of yarn using an umbrella swift:

  • Clamp the umbrella swift to a table. Try to use a heavier table so the swift won't move around during the unwinding process.
  • Unwrap your hank of yarn and gently organize it into a large oval on the table.
  • Try and make sure the yarn is not twisted and strands are running parralel and loose.
  • Extend the arms of the umbrella swift gently to accomadate the yarn and place the yarn on the swift, centering from top to bottom.
  • Make sure the yarn is not twisted and strands are running parralel
  • Extend the umbrella swift so the yarn is held in place gently, don't over tighten or the yarn won't unwind properly.
  • locate the yarn ties holding the yarn in place and either untie, or cut them depending on your preference.
  • Locate both ends of yarn coming off the hank.
  • Choose the end that is pulling yarn freely from the outside of the hank. Be careful to NOT choose the yarn end that is on the inside of the hank or you'll have a tangled mess.
  • Clamp your ball winder across the from the umbrella swift, thread the yarn through the yarn eyelet on the ball winder and into the ballwinder notch.
  • Crank the ball winder slowly until you see that the yarn is winding properly with no snags or tangles onto the winder and then increase your winding speed.
  • When the yarn is completely wound, make sure you don't lose the end that's inside the ball, that's the one you want to knit from generally if you like a center pull style ball. Pinch the yarn from the notch in the ball winder and pull up a few inches of yarn gently before you slide the yarn up off the ball winder.
  • Relax, fix a cup of Earl Grey (and a crumpet) and enjoy your knit or crochet project.