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  8041 S. 180th St
Kent, WA 98032

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Monday - Friday 9am-3pm


Wild and Woolly Knitted Animals: A Naturalist's Notebook

Through the eyes of our naturalist knitter, you'll discover a world of interesting creatures. Inside, you'll find her sketches of animals in their habitat, scientific notes, and her knitting patterns that capture the unique personality of each animal. The easy-to-follow instructions show you how to knit a total of 25 endearing animals, including a hedgehog, timber wolf, rainbow trout, red squirrel, rabbit, badger, meadowlark, bald eagle, and many more. Each one is portrayed realistically, and yet exudes it's own special cuteness that you find in live wildlife. Grab your needles and yarn, and cast on your favorite!

About the Author
Sara Elizabeth Kellner is the designer of Rabbit Hole Knits - toy and animal patterns for hand-knitters. Her goal when designing is to create patterns which portray the animals realistically, yet still evoking the personality of each, a twinkle in each of their eyes, and the question “Did I just see that animal move?” on the lips of every knitter.