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Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks

Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks: Over 70 sanity saving hacks for better knitting
Illustrations by Franklin Habit

About the Book

  • A knitting troubleshooting book from expert, Patty Lyons.
  • Patty Lyons is a well-known knitting designer and teacher and this is her first book based on her online course and popular ‘Ask Patty’ column for Modern Daily Knitting.
  • Packed full of Patty’s ‘purls’ of wisdom and the humorous observations that have made her so popular amongst knitters.
Do you wish your knitting was better and that you had an expert knitter by your side to help you when it goes wrong?
Then this is the book for you. Patty Lyons is an expert in all things knitting-related. She will help you solve all of your knitting problems—from edges that won’t behave to adjusting your yarn tension—with the 70+ hacks in Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks. Featuring dozens of brand new how-tos and the most popular tricks from author Patty Lyons’ beloved advice columns, this handy guide goes far beyond your typical knitting tips.
Knitters of all levels will discover both why and how various techniques work and improve both the look of their knitting and their command of stitches. It’s sure to take any knitter’s skills up to the next level. With more than 30K followers on social media and name-checks by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to popular television show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Patty is a well-known name in the knitting community.

About the Author
Patty Lyons teaches nationally at guilds, shops, and knitting shows around the country as well as hosting her own retreats. Her popular classes can also be found on DVD and online on her education site. Patty's designs and knitting skill articles have been published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit Purl, Knitter’s Magazine, Cast On, Knit Style, Creative Knitting, and Twist Collective. Patty also is a regular contributor to Modern Daily Knitting where she writes a knitter’s advice column: “Ask Patty.” Patty’s designs have also been included in pattern collections from Classic Elite, Noro, Cascade, Tahki Stacy Charles, Sugar Bush, and Willow Yarns.
Patty has been a repeat guest on PBS’s Knitting Daily TV and even quoted as a subject-matter expert in the Wall Street Journal. Patty loves to knit, crochet, spin and has even dabbled on the knitting machine. She is currently attempting not to get sucked into another yarncraft, but weaving is looking pretty interesting. Patty lives in Brooklyn with her husband, a room full of yarn, and her garden.