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Edward's Menagerie: Dogs - by Kerry Lord

Edward's Menagerie: Dogs by Kerry Lord builds on the success of the Edward's Menagerie collection of animals and birds to bring beginner crochet projects to dog lovers everywhere. 

Whether you want a smiling sheepdog, a scruffy terrier, a snuffly French bulldog or a lovable labrador, you can now make all your favourite dogs with this collection of 65 crochet patterns from Kerry Lord. 

Crochet every pup you know - from your parents' pug to your best friend's border collie, and your colleague's corgi to your gran's golden retriever. Each canine character has a tale to tell and, with all sorts of brilliant breeds on show, this book is perfect for beginners and advanced crocheters. Complete with patterns, technical tuition, and advice on tweaking the patterns to capture your furry, four-legged friend in crochet form, Edward's Menagerie: Dogs has everything you need to create the perfect pet.


Edward's Menagerie: Dogs includes the amigurumi crochet patterns for:
Eleanor the Labrador
Enzo the French Bulldog
Maximillian the Weimaraner
Constance the Porcelaine
Millie the Poodle
Chad the American Water Spaniel
Lyon the Dogue de Bordeaux
Babel the Puli
Spencer the Pug
Zoe the Pumi
Rachel the Bedlington Terrier
Saxon the Cocker Spaniel
Lexi the Husky
Holmes the Basset Hound
Rooney the Border Terrier
Axel the German Shepherd
Reginald the Scottish Terrier
Geoff the West Highland Terrier
Don the Golden Retriever
Annie the Red Setter
Hollie the Staffordshire Terrier
Rosie The Dachshund
Jed the Border Collie
Romeo the Schnauzer
Laura the Chinese Crested
Samson the Old English Sheepdog
Doris the Shih Tzu
Mark the Dalmatian
Kate the Boxer
Evelyn the Chihuahua
Ella the Rottweiler
Wenni the Chow Chow
Myra the Bichon Frise
Dorothy the Yorkshire Terrier
Tyrone the English Bull Terrier
Gemma the Whippet
Angelina the Samoyed
Joyce the Irish Wolfhound
Amy the Afghan Hound
Ilana the Newfoundland
Simay the Pekingese
Maddison the Papillon
Byron the Shar Pei
Wainwright the Lakeland Terrier
Honey the Corgi
Andreas the Mudi
Hugo the Brussels Griffon
Lola the Beagle
Columbus the Red Tibetan Mastiff
Len the Springer Spaniel

As well as bonus patterns for:
Barney the Boston Terrier 
Vera the English Bulldog
Riley the St Bernard
Philip Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Connor the Irish Terrier
Alison the Great Dane
Felicity the Doberman
Tamara the Pomeranian
Gideon the Skye Terrier
Carol the Lowchen 
Wendy the Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Patrick the Affenpinscher
Aaron the Lurcher
Eloise the Saluki
Brandon the Wire Fox Terrier 
Heather the Cairn terrier
Timmy the Jack Russell