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Creative Crafts of the World by Marilyn Romatka

Creative Crafts of the World is a practical guide for teaching folk art to groups of children, young adults, adults, even yourself! From years of teaching real-life folk art classes, these lesson plans are tried-and-true. Perfect for all levels of skill. Just add students, mix, and create!

Lessons in

  • Aboriginal Dot Painting technique
  • Viking Knitting (surprise! it’s not with yarn!)
  • Huichol beading technique
  • Natural Dyes, Weaving
  • Baumschmuck from Bavaria
  • Paper stars
  • Block Printing
  • Ukrainian Easter Eggs
  • Native American Dream Catchers
  • Wet Felting
  • Twinning
  • Maasai Beading technique
  • Bow Loom Weaving
  • Dragon Boat sachets from China

These are actual folk crafts. Each lesson includes a detailed materials list, step-by-step instructions for completing the craft, indispensable teaching tips coming from years of perfecting each lesson plan, over 380 sumptuous photographs and illustrations, and hand-picked resources for each craft to further your teaching.

Unlock the folk artist in your students!