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Making Jewelry with a French Knitter: The Easy Way to Make Beautiful Beaded Accessories by Carol Porter

This book offers an easy, fun way to learn to use the versatile French knitter - a small round knitting loom that has been around for centuries, but is now available to the modern crafter at a low cost. You'll develop advanced skills with this amazing tool as you combine beads with yarn, stretchy cord, monofilament or embroidery thread to create simple yet elegant jewelry and accessories. Using a variety of materials and the French Knitting tool from Clover you will learn to create simple yet elegant jewelry and accessories. The Clover tool offers the use of three interchangeable heads which allows you to make a variety of thicknesses and add complexity in your pieces. Complete instructions and some history about the tool are included to help you get started in making nine great projects in easy to follow, simple steps - See more at: