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  8041 S. 180th St
Kent, WA 98032

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Monday - Friday 9am-3pm


Wedge Weave - Makers' Exclusive Zippered Project Bag

Made of sturdy and washable polyester, this bag is made entirely on our premises.

Full of colorful zigs and zags, this zippered bag features a photographic print of a sample of Wedge Weave (or pulled warp) created with a combination of colorful yarns, including many dyed with natural materials such as onion skin and madder. This method of weaving was used by the Navajo (Diné) from about 1875 to about 1900. The technique produces graphic angular lines, but also creates a scalloped edge. The curvy edge was seen as an indicator of poor quality, so the technique was abandoned for more traditional methods.

Curious about wedge weave? Learn more HERE.

Each of our project bags are designed, printed, and sewn in our Kent, WA shop.