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Knit A Spell - Makers' Exclusive Notions Bag

About Exclusive Knit A Spell Drawstring Project Bag & Notions Pouch

Katie Rempe designed both the exclusive bag and pouch to include magical properties to assist any maker. 

The Knit A Spell zippered Notions Pouch includes the Knit A Spell logo on one side and a fun infographic on how the word ‘notion’ is used in both making and magic. It’s made of a strong fabric that’s easy to wash and would also work great for cosmetics, art supplies and more! 

The Knit A Spell Drawstring Project Bag includes the Knit A Spell logo on one side and a magical ‘sigil’ on the other. This sigil was created using the letters of ‘Knit A Spell’ as a base for a Magic Square to help the user trust their 'Knit-tuition' (knitters intuition.) The numbers used can be reduce down to ‘2’: a number symbolizing intuition & understanding (also The High Priestess in tarot). The intention is to help tickle your intuition if any project contained with the bag has an error. Trust your gut - it’s in the bag! 

For more on how this sigil was design and why, check out Knit A Spell Episode 23: It’s In The Bag!

 Love the Knit A Spell Project Bag & Notions Pouch but not interested in the Kit? Both are available individually from from Makers’ Mercantileclick to learn more