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Knit A Spell - Makers' Exclusive Drawstring Project Bag

About Exclusive Knit A Spell Drawstring Project Bag & Notions Pouch

Katie Rempe designed both the exclusive bag and pouch to include magical properties to assist any maker. 

The Knit A Spell zippered Notions Pouch includes the Knit A Spell logo on one side and a fun infographic on how the word ‘notion’ is used in both making and magic. It’s made of a strong fabric that’s easy to wash and would also work great for cosmetics, art supplies and more! 

The Knit A Spell Drawstring Project Bag includes the Knit A Spell logo on one side and a magical ‘sigil’ on the other. This sigil was created using the letters of ‘Knit A Spell’ as a base for a Magic Square to help the user trust their 'Knit-tuition' (knitters intuition.) The numbers used can be reduce down to ‘2’: a number symbolizing intuition & understanding (also The High Priestess in tarot). The intention is to help tickle your intuition if any project contained with the bag has an error. Trust your gut - it’s in the bag! 

For more on how this sigil was design and why, check out Knit A Spell Episode 23: It’s In The Bag!

 Love the Knit A Spell Project Bag & Notions Pouch but not interested in the Kit? Both are available individually from from Makers’ Mercantileclick to learn more


Although we do stock these bags, on occasion we sell out and need to print and sew more.
Thus, please allow up to 2 weeks for the production of this item.
To verify they ARE in stock, please call our shop or online warehouse.