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Popular Celebrities Who Love to Knit

Despite the busy and fast-moving world of entertainment, some famous stars and celebrities take time to relax their senses through the simplicity and beauty of art. To name a few, here are some of the world’s famous personalities who love and appreciate the magnificence of handcrafts, particularly the art of knitting.   

Famous Celebrity Knitters:

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Knitting

Photo from Dailystar.co.uk

Even a royalty makes her way to the world of knitting. The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, gave her best efforts to learn the different patterns and styles in knitting. During the days when the mass anticipates the upcoming royal baby of the palace, an interview led by Daily Star UK mentioned that according to the royal highness, she wanted to be the very person to knit her baby’s blanket. In an interview with Fox News Magazine, the Duchess also added that she was able to cope with her pregnancy through this hobby.

Check out the 10 Kate Middleton-Inspired Knitting Patterns here.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively Knitting

Photo from Pinterest.com

After giving birth to a lovely baby girl with Ryan Reynolds, the famous American celebrity and model, Blake Lively, found her inner peace through the art of knitting. In an interview for Oprah Magazine, Lively said that knitting has become one of her hobbies after giving birth to her daughter. She also mentioned that Sex and the City actress, Kristen Davis, was the one who taught her to knit.

Kristin Davis & Jessica Parker

Kristin Davis and Jessica Parker knitting

Photo from Pinterest.com

Superstar Kristin Davis fell in love with knitting during their filming days of the American television series, “Sex and the City”. With her raging passion for the craft, she found her interest in knitting garments for herself and for others. She also encouraged her co-stars, Jessica Parker and Blake Lively to learn and explore this relaxing activity. In an interview, Jessica, the queen of dating (in the series), stated that one of her current hobbies during leisure time is to knit, while watching television.            

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried Knitting

Photo from Dailymail.co.uk

The Les Miserables lead star, Amanda Seyfried, loves to knit garments and accessories for other people. According to an article from Fox News Magazine, the actress gave the prominent television host, Ellen De Generes, a handmade knit cap during a talk show. Seyfried stated that she knots constantly, as it is her form of therapy in coping with the busy industry she is involved with.  

Julia Roberts

Julia Robers Knitting

Photo from People.com

Aside from being the Pretty Woman of the chick flick movie that set her way to stardom, the Hollywood star, Julia Roberts, is an enthusiast of knitting. According to an article published by Belfast Telegraph, this activity is considered by Roberts as her favorite. She is very eager to explore the different styles and patterns to create extraordinary knitting garments for her loved ones, most especially for her darling, Danny Moder.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Knitting

Photo from People.com

Who would have thought that the sexy leading actor in the film “The Notebook” will be interested in the world of yarns and needles, huh? According to an article from Auntpeaches.com, the art of knitting caught Gosling’s attention during the set of the movie, “Lars and the Real Girl”. At that time, he was surrounded by a bunch of old women, whose hobbies are in arts and crafts, including handmade knitting.     

Dakota Fanning

Ryan Gosling Knitting

Photo from Magazine Fox News

Dakota Fanning, the former child sweetheart, now a talented and beautiful actress, spends her downtime knitting during tapings. She is a representation of the young generation, who, at an early age, found interests in the art of handcrafts. She is fond of creating scarves for her co-stars, which includes Robert de Niro, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Cruise.   

David Arquette

David Arquette Knitting

Photo from IMDb

Aside from being a famous celebrity and heavyweight champion wrestler the prolific David Arquette is also a popular knitter. The actor learned the fundamentals of knitting from his grandmother. His extreme passion to this pastime hobby has been even more evident as he appeared on a cover of Celebrity Scarves 2, to show his support for a breast cancer research. 

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl Knitting

Photo from Daily Mail UK

The award-winning actress and producer, Katherine Heigl, is a huge knitter of garments. The 37-year-old star had thoughts of putting up her own knitting shop, as it became one of her ultimate passions. During her spare time, she simply stays at home with her dogs while creating clothes for them. 

Knitting and its benefits

The undying reputation of knitting became even more popular with the rising number of well-known superstars that partake in this art. Other well-known celebrities who have great enthusiasm when it comes to this activity are Angela Lansbury, Vanna White, Christina Hendriks, Kate Moss, Uma Thurman, Tracey Ullman (who’s also a co-writer of a knitting book), Kristen Stewart, Daryl Hannah, Felicity Huffman, Ashley Olsen, and a lot more.. Knitting is not just one’s typical hobby. They gain something from doing such activity. Well, if we may ask you, what do you really get from knitting?

Women Knitting In A Group Photo

Photo from Dailymail.co.uk

Knitting is an effective therapeutic activity as it relaxes one’s mind. Every April, Craft Yarn Council hosts a campaign entitled #StitchAwayStress, in line with the National Stress Awareness Month. This council is an organization of yarn knitters testifying how they cope with stress through this interesting craft.

This hobby serves as a modern-age mental yoga as it alleviates the tension and stress that lies within the mind. As a person focuses and meditates on knitting every stitch, it helps reduce one’s anxiety and worries. This interesting activity lets you escape the busy streets of the city, as it brings you to the fascinating world of arts and crafts.

A well-known reader’s site, Collective Evolution, listed some of the unseen health benefits of knitting. This includes the statement of an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Barron, regarding his perspective with this activity. According to Barron, this hobby helps prevent arthritis and tendinitis for it can be a great form of workout for the fingers, hands, and forearms. It was also proven that knitting is an aid in lowering a person’s blood pressure, as it reduces the cortisol, a stressful hormone.          

Knitting Red Yarn

Photo from weareknitters.com

Aside from being therapeutic, knitting also has other extraordinary benefits. It helps one in enhancing mathematical skills as it requires precise measurements of the materials. A person who knits calculates every meter, round, stitch, and timing.

In terms of values, a knitter needs to acquire the principles of endurance, persistence, and determination, in order to come up with a great output. It also stimulates one’s self-esteem and creativity in designing own accessories or garments, making a masterpiece that a person will take pride in.

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