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Makers' Minute - Exclusive Mini Zauberball Crazy Collection

By Katie Rempe 6 months ago 2959 Views No comments

Katie shows off an exclusive limited edition item to Makers' Mercantile, the Mini Zauberball Crazy Collection!

Buy just the Limited Edition Mini Zauberball Crazy Collection: http://www.makersmercantile.com/makers-mercantile-...

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Hi I’m Katie and this is your Makers’ Minute.

It’s time to go balls to the wall with this Makers’ Mercantile exclusive.

You ready for this?

Six. Mini. Crazy. Zauberballs.

What can you make with these mini balls? I have a couple of ideas to wet your whistles. This piece uses all six of the Crazy Zauberballs plus one skein of coordinating solid color to bring it all together.

This kit could also be used to make this beautiful Fringe Scarf. The pattern for this Fringe Scarf is available with your purchase of the Mini Zauberball collection on MakersMercantile.com.

These six mini balls could really be used for a lot of things. It’s great for crochet, make a sweater out of it with a solid color and stripes, a nice bonus if you’re a juggler.

Only 400 of these kits were made. Did you buy number 1 or number 400? You don’t have to guess. Each one is numbered.

Get your exclusive Zauberball Mini set only at MakersMercantile.com. I see yarn balls in your future.