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Makers' Minute DOUBLE FEATURE - Cashmere Dream & LOVAFUR Pom Poms

By Katie Rempe 9 months ago 1378 Views No comments

If you love cashmere, you'll love our EXCLUSIVE Cashmere Dream yarn! Katie tells you all about it and what you can make with it. Additionally, Katie also introduces LOAFER pompoms, the perfect way to top off a Cashmere Dream hat!

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Hi, I’m Katie, and this week we bring you a double feature for your Makers’ Minute! Double your pleasure, double your fun!

First off, we talk about our Makers’ Mercantile exclusive, Cashmere Dream! Cashmere Dream was made in Italy exclusively for Makers’ Mercantile. This bulky weight yarn boasts just over 100 yards and it’s a 50-gram ball. When you purchase this Cashmere Dream yarn you’ll receive three patterns. Those projects include this cowl, this lace cowl, and this awesome hat! This yarn is super soft and stretchy. Check out how this one strand has extreme boing factor!

You’ll fall in love with Cashmere Dream…we’re certain of it! As a matter of fact if you buy 4 balls of Cashmere Dream all at once we’ll throw in an Addi Gold Plated Vintage Circular Knitting Needle size US 17 and 32 inches long.

Because Cashmere Dream is offered in a beautiful undyed cream color, it’s the perfect blank slate for you to try your dye skills on. We used one of the Shibori Indigo Dying Kits to create this masterpiece.

Hey, what was that you mentioned about pompoms earlier? That’s right! You’re going to want a pompom that’s just as luxurious as your Cashmere Dream yarn hat. From Lovafur, this vegan fur pompom comes in a variety of colors, prints, and sizes.

What makes these poms the bomb? First off, it’s a family owned company owned by a mother and daughter team out of Austria. Second, they’re 100% vegan meaning no animals were harmed in the making of these poms. Additionally, they’re super soft and very realistic.

Unless of course, you’re not going for realistic. We’ve got you covered there too! The best part about these poms is that they’re totally interchangeable. So one day you might be feeling nicely neutral. Perhaps the next day you’re feeling feisty feline. When you’re ready to switch them over just turn your hat inside out, untie the twill tape that you used to secure it to the top of your hat, and resecure the new one. Meow! Or, maybe you want to get real patriotic? America! So, no matter which one you pick, you’ll know it’ll always have a home on top of your dome.

Visit Makers’ Mercantile today to shop for your exclusive Cashmere Dream yarn and our wide selection of Lovafur pom poms.