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Color Defined: Our relationship with it, and how we view it each day.

Color Defined: Our relationship with it, and how we view it each day.
By Rhonda Fargnoli 1 years ago 2443 Views 4 comments

Since we were young children, we have always had a relationship with color. It’s something that we were asked about in grade school, and it’s also something that pops up on a dating questionnaire. Color may at times tell a little story about us. We see it everywhere we go- even when we are not focusing on it. We make conscious decisions everyday about it, and, without a doubt, every purchase we make- but, do we truly know about color? Does the world around us make colors choices for us?

I think about color a lot, probably more than the average person. I honestly cannot choose a favorite color, which then leads me into a HUGE dissertation about hue and intensity, and, by that time, I have already lost the person who was asking the question. I then simply reply with, "Green."

I have always dreamed about having a job where I could name all the Crayola crayons, or change Bluebell for 2015 to Wisteria for 2016. This makes me wonder how the hue specialists at Pantone® come up with naming the COLOR of The YEAR.

Before I go into yet another tangent about color, I should tell you a little more about Pantone®. Pantone® officially, is the universal standard language of color communication from designer to manufacturer to us, the consumer.

The exciting news is this year they have picked 2 colors to share the coveted title. Rose Quartz and Serenity were chosen this year for their, “weightless and airy, calming effect.”

The Pantone® color experts also felt that these colors would bring a calming effect to our turbulent world. These colors would offer compassion, relaxation and a sense of composure. The color experts collect and share information from films, travel, art collections, and all areas of design. You will see these Hues popping up in furniture, makeup, pattern play, and household products!

I have hand picked two yarns in our shop that I feel best represent Rose Quartz and Serenity. Sueno by HiKoo in Ballet Slipper and Filisilk by Zitron in Periwinkle.

So the next time the question comes up to me, “What’s your favorite color,” whether I’m in a design meeting, or simply picking the freshest vegetables at the market (all based on hue), you know what my answer will be. Now the question is, “What is yours?”

Susan W Murkland 1 years ago at 9:52 PM
I'm in love with the color as I'm using for the sweater I am making in Liz's Stranded Colorwork class on Tuesdays. They are the same. Colors as on the sample sweater: Dust Bunny and Silver Sage. And the way the yarn feels! Yummy - who knew merino and bamboo was such a smooth combination? I guess HiKoo Sueno did!
Rhonda 1 years ago at 3:26 PM
We are so excited that you have loved the Dancing Queen- Stranded Color Work Class! This yarn is so perfect for color work! Your sweater looks awesome! Cheers,
Susan Murkland 1 years ago at 6:45 AM
I finished a sleeve!!! - Go me!!
Rhonda 1 years ago at 2:15 PM
can't wait to see! Yay you! :)