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Makers' Minute - HiKoo® Rylie

By Katie Rempe 4 days ago 104 Views No comments

Truly a transeasonal wonder, HiKoo® Rylie will become your new favorite year round yarn. The unique blend of alpaca, mulberry silk, and linen means a tactile feel, gleaming drape, and superb softness rolled into one sport weight yarn. Knit or crochet for days with this wonderful creation!

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The Adventure of the Little Poser, Part Four

By Franklin Habit 9 days ago 26990 Views

The nice thing about having made as many mistakes as I have is that admitting one more isn’t terribly difficult.

Remember the lovely card-woven strap I started last time? The one meant to hold up my crocheted yoga mat bag with strength and style?

Everything was hunky-dory for about seven repeats...

Maker's Minute - Sue Spargo

By Katie Rempe 11 days ago 245 Views No comments

Are you an embroidery enthusiasts? Then you probably know of Sue Spargo, and if you don't, you're in for a treat! Sue is the designer behind many folk styled patterns, threads, needles and, of course, 100% wool felt fabrics! We have over 60 colors of this amazing wool felt and know you'll love pairing the perfect color with your next masterpiece!

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Vickie Howell Demystifies the Herringbone Stitch!

By Jodi Roush 16 days ago 723 Views No comments

Vickie Howell Demystifies the Herringbone Stitch!

Intricate to the eye, but easy to master after watching Vickie’s LIVE Facebook Feed Show.

Knitters love the look of this textured stitch! It has the complexity of a woven fabric and is perfect for accessories or home furnishings, such as pillows and throws.

Vickie walks you through the steps of to make this lovely stitch in the round - and we promise, there is nothing crazy. All you'll need to know is how to knit, purl and slip stitches; but after watching the video, you will be on your way to knitting herringbone cowls and hats!

In this video, Vickie uses two of our Makers' Mercantile® Exclusive Yarns Cashmere Dream, and Luv & Lee!

Cashmere Dream is a customer favorite for both its lightweight luxuriousness and its incredible softness. Available in a single, versatile cream color, this limited edition yarn is nearly sold out, so this may be its last sighting! Order before its gone! *If you love the blue Cashmere Dream Cowl in the video, it was dyed with the Botanical Colors Indigo Dye kit.

Cashmere Dream

The other featured yarn, Luv & Lee, is a 100% extra fine Merino Wool, single ply. This yarn comes in 26 solid and variegated colors! Something for everyone!

Luv & Lee

If you are looking for the perfect one-ball project to try the Herringbone stitch, the Kenzing-Tam(shown in the video in navy blue) is perfect! This pattern uses HiKoo Kenzington, which is incredibly warm, and is the perfect aran weight for knitting quick hats and mittens. This hat pattern (among many others), is in the Skacel Minilog by Skacel which is FREE with your purchase of Kenzington!

Kenzington in Minilog

Add the perfect pom to complete your look - made by LOVaFUR a mother and daughter owned company that hand makes each vegan pom at their factory in Austria.

We also have the perfect circular addi® needles, in stock in every size and length for all your knitting needs!

Our recommendations for the above projects:

Cashmere Dream addi® Turbo Circular Needles 24" US 17

Luv & Lee addi® Rocket Circular Needles 16" size US 11

Kenzington addi® Rocket Circular Needles 16" size US 11

We hope to see you back for another Makers' with Vickie on April 28th at 10:30 PT. Vickie will be sharing how to do Intarsia in Garter Stitch and create an adorable tooth fairy pillow.

Makers' Minute - Sirka® Counter

By Katie Rempe 18 days ago 342 Views No comments

It's the Sirka® Counter, which tends to your knitting by tracking three separate counts, AT THE SAME TIME. You don't even have to remember when to stop counting; the Sirka® counter does it for you. Here's how: The discs underneath the "face" of the counter rotate, allowing you to align the disc handles, or "crowns," with numbers on the face. Balls and springs hold the crowns in place until you decide to advance your counts. The "hands," which fit into slots on the face, remind you where each count ends. Revolutionary!

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Additional Tutorials and Videos

The Adventure of the Little Poser, Part Three

By Franklin Habit 23 days ago 25099 Views

The Adventure of the Little Poser, Part Three

Today I’m setting aside the bag part of the yoga mat bag, the one we've been making from Schoppel-Wolle Lenien Los, so that we can focus on the strap.

Homemade straps are a Dirty Little Secret of the knit and crochet world. It’s fun to knit your own bag. It’s fun to crochet your own bag. But most bags need straps or handles, and neither knitting nor crochet is particularly good at meeting the challenges of life as a strap.

Makers' Minute - Annie Lane Sheep Canvases

By Katie Rempe 25 days ago 428 Views No comments

Annie Lane’s folk art needlepoint designs have enjoyed enormous popularity over the years. They are stitch painted and whimsical; perfect for creating your sheepy decor. These are a joy to stitch and guaranteed to make you smile!

Click here to shop for Annie Lane Sheep Canvases.

Makers' Minute - Bohin brand Scissors and Thread Cutting Pendants

By Katie Rempe 1 month ago 339 Views No comments

These stylish and colorful thread cutting pendants match perfectly with the colorful selection of scissors by Bohin! Whether you're traveling and need easy access for thread/yarn cutting, or in need of a scissors that will stand out in your project bag, they have you covered! Made in France!

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The Adventure of the Little Poser, Part Two

By Franklin Habit 1 month ago 37259 Views

Treble Crochet ClustersWhen it comes to crochet, I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m enthusiastic. I’m ambitious. But when you get right down to it, in this adventure I’m no more than a little kid suddenly announcing to his mother that he is a fireman, or a dragon slayer, or prima donna assoluta of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Wishing will not make it so.

Makers' Minute - Gesa & Flo yarn by Zitron

By Katie Rempe 1 month ago 510 Views No comments

With Gesa & Flo, Zitron has created one of the world's most precious baby yarns. With its 16 micron rating, it is amazingly soft - just perfect for baby projects, or anything else where the goal is softness against the skin. And, as with all of Zitron yarns, this yarn has the highest environmental ratings. To top all of that, it comes in 18 wonderful colors!!

Shop Gesa & Flo

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See the Season 1 Feinheit Makers' Minute.