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Makers' Minute - The Amazing addi® Wall!

By Katie Rempe 5 days ago 129 Views No comments

Are you looking for a one stop shop for all of your addi® needs? You've found it right here at Makers' Mercantile!

We carry every addi® product that is currently being distributed in North America.

Click here to shop our entire addi® selection!

Fridays with Franklin - The Adventure of the Llama on the Corner, Part Two

By Franklin Habit 10 days ago 13862 Views

The Adventure of the Llama on the Corner, Part Two

What I have wanted to mess around with for ages is this: a piece of shadow knitting that deliberately obscures part of the hidden pattern from every angle. A piece that will never, ever, show you everything no matter where you stand.

This shouldn’t be terribly complicated. All it requires is that we make sure every so often to change the grain of the fabric. This could be as simple as knitting the work in pieces, with the grains at (for example) right angles to one another. One of my earliest sketches looked something like this.

Makers' Mercantile - Schoppel Reggae and Reggae Ombre Yarns

By Katie Rempe 12 days ago 249 Views No comments

Schoppel-Wolle Reggae & Reggae Ombre Yarns are a worsted weight, slightly felted single ply yarn that has been dyed in instantly recognizable vibrant Schoppel colorways. Both provide good stitch definition and the Ombre works into beautiful gradient color changes. Perfect for knitting colorful accessories!

Shop Reggae Solid

Shop Reggae Ombre

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Makers' Minute - The Best Of Knit Purl Hunter Book

By Katie Rempe 19 days ago 381 Views No comments

The Best of Knit Purl Hunter is an inspiring collection of 25 patterns from designer Michelle Hunter. Many of these patterns were originally featured as Knit-Alongs through her Progressive Needles series and are backed with the educational videos we’ve come to know and love from Michelle. Featuring all new stunning photography and a variety of projects such as socks, cowls, shawls and more. This book is a must-have for every knitter!

Featured yarns include HiKoo® CoBaSi, CoBaSi Tonal, Kenzie, Llamor, Rylie, Simplicity, Simpliworsted, Simplinatural, Sueno and Sueno Tonal, along with Schoppel Zauberball® and Zauberball® Crazy.

Click here to buy a copy today!

Fridays with Franklin - The Adventure of the Llama on the Corner, Part One

By Franklin Habit 24 days ago 22435 Views

delicious pile of Hikoo LlamorThe Adventure of the Llama on the Corner, Part One

When I move from one project to the next, I swing like a pendulum.

I’ve always been a little in awe of artists like Picasso who, famously, go through “periods.” Picasso’s Blue Period was what it sounds like–a span of three years in which almost every painting he undertook was a vision tinted with blue. Now, blue is my favorite color–but honestly, three years? A week, maybe a month. Variety. I need variety.

Maybe that’s just me.

Makers' with Vickie - Holey Scarves!

By Jodi Roush 24 days ago 6023 Views 1 comment

Makers with Vickie Holey Scarf Promo Image

For Our Needle Artists

This month on Makers’ with Vickie our friend, Vickie Howell gives an “Artfelt®” tutorial on how to make a wearable art piece using our hugely popular, Holey Scarf kit.

Using simple, easy-to-follow steps you're just a draft, tack, and dryer cycle away from creating a head-turning accessory -- and in just a few hours! You'll be giddy over how how the saturated colors of the gorgeous roving mix and meld as you lay out pieces and then begin the felting process -- it's like painting with fiber, but without the requirement of being artistically inclined. Here's the scoop!

Get the Supplies

Artfelt Holey Scarf Group

Artfelt Holey Scarf Kit, which includes everything you need to make this project:

  • Artfelt Needles
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Artfelt Roving
  • Instructions.

For Our Knitters

Knitted Lace Ball Holey Scarves

Does the thought of setting down your knitting needles to create a felted art piece make you feel like something’s missing -- like perhaps, there’s a crafty hole that needs to be filled? No worries, we’ve got you. You can still join in on the negative space fun with our knitted Holey Scarves Pattern (link below)!

Get the Supplies

Lace Ball Glamour

Lace-weight Version:

Holey Scarf Pattern (In Skacel Magazine Vol 10 2017) Free here.

1 Ball of Schoppel-Wolle Laceball 100 or Lace Ball

Size US 2 Addi Rockets, circular needle (any length)

Note: Straight needles will also work for this project.

Sport-weight Version:

Holey Scarf Pattern (In Skacel Magazine Vol 10 2017) Free here.

3 Balls Schoppel-Wolle Edition 3

Size US 6 (4.5mm) Addi Turbo circular needle (any length)

Note: Straight needles or other types will also work for this project.

We hope to see you back for more Makers' with Vickie on the first Friday of every month. Next up: How to back knit or crochet button bands with ribbon, using hand-sewn, machine-sewn, and fabric glue methods! Tune in June 2nd at 10:30amPT to facebook.com/vickiehowell !

Vickie Howell is a knitting & crochet ambassador, author, and the Host/Executive Producer of the upcoming, The Knit Show with Vickie Howell (October '17). Stay in touch by following @vickiehowell

Makers' Minute - IVKO Women Clothing & Accessories

By Katie Rempe 26 days ago 345 Views No comments

IVKO Woman specializes in designing and creating high class woven and knitted garments combining exceptional craftsmanship with state of the art knitting technology. They use only the finest natural fabrics and fibers in producing an exquisite range of fashion designed for the modern, independent woman.

Shop our online collection here.

Makers' Minute - HiKoo® Rylie

By Katie Rempe 1 month ago 330 Views No comments

Truly a transeasonal wonder, HiKoo® Rylie will become your new favorite year round yarn. The unique blend of alpaca, mulberry silk, and linen means a tactile feel, gleaming drape, and superb softness rolled into one sport weight yarn. Knit or crochet for days with this wonderful creation!

Shop all Rylie colors.

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Fridays with Franklin - The Adventure of the Little Poser, Part Four

By Franklin Habit 1 month ago 40637 Views

The nice thing about having made as many mistakes as I have is that admitting one more isn’t terribly difficult.

Remember the lovely card-woven strap I started last time? The one meant to hold up my crocheted yoga mat bag with strength and style?

Everything was hunky-dory for about seven repeats...

Maker's Minute - Sue Spargo

By Katie Rempe 1 month ago 393 Views No comments

Are you an embroidery enthusiasts? Then you probably know of Sue Spargo, and if you don't, you're in for a treat! Sue is the designer behind many folk styled patterns, threads, needles and, of course, 100% wool felt fabrics! We have over 60 colors of this amazing wool felt and know you'll love pairing the perfect color with your next masterpiece!

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