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Makers' Minute - Halloween Costume Alternatives

By Katie Rempe 4 days ago 66 Views No comments

In this minute, Katie reminds you that you can MAKE YOUR OWN Halloween costume! Why settle for unsatisfactory options at the store when you can customize your own!

Visit www.makersmercantile.com to explore all the options and let your imagination run wild!

Unicorn Hat pattern pictured was designed by Brittany Tyler Simmonds.

Fabric pictured is BOO! - HALLOWEEN BEADS - BLACK & PURPLES.

Neko Needles Reviewed by Vickie Howell

By Jodi Roush 7 days ago 312 Views No comments

The Neko Curved Double Point Needles (CDPN's) have been flying out the door like crazy since their debut on our site this summer! Here is our good friend Vickie Howell's lovely review and demonstration! Thank you Vickie, for taking the time to go over these neat new needles!

Makers' Minute - addiLove Stitch Markers

By Katie Rempe 11 days ago 198 Views No comments

Show your knitting some love with these adorable addiLove Locking Stitch Markers!

They are available in a pack of 6 and fit up to a US 10 needle.

Makers' Minute - Exclusive Best Friend's Adjustable Dog Collar Kits!

By Katie Rempe 18 days ago 273 Views No comments

Katie tells you all about this brand new Makers' Exclusive! The Best Friend's Adjustable Dog Collar Kits! Available in a variety of colors and designs, you'll have a hard time choosing just one!

Special thanks to our guest star Barkley for offering his expert opinion on the matter!

Shop Collar Kits Here

Makers' Minute - The YarnIt

By Katie Rempe 26 days ago 540 Views No comments

The YarnIt!

  • Protects your yarn from dirt, grime and debris.
  • Unbreakable, high quality globe for crocheting.
  • Cat and dog proof (they hate it!)
  • Knitting kit keeps your yarn tangle free!
  • Yarn bowl allows you to crochet & knit effortlessly anywhere!
  • Knitting kit fits into a standard cupholder for cars & planes.
  • Clip-on strap allows you to take a project on-the-go.
  • Personalize your YarnIt bowl with fun colors and decals.

To shop the full range of colors available, Click Here!

Makers' Minute - The Sheep Shop!

By Katie Rempe 1 month ago 384 Views No comments

Are you a knitter or crochet? Odds are you're probably a sheep fan, too! We have an entire section of the Makers' Mercantile website dedicated to all things SHEEP!

Click Here to see all things Sheep Shop!

Makers Minute - Reward Point Program

By Katie Rempe 1 month ago 285 Views No comments

Katie describes how the Rewards Program works at MakersMercantile.com and what you can purchase with your points!

Don't have a Makers' account yet? Click Here to sign up (it's free!)

To see our current rewards offerings, click here.

To find out more information about the program, click here.

Makers' Minute - Olive Wood Click Set Unboxing

By Katie Rempe 2 months ago 436 Views No comments

Katie unboxes the brand new and extremely popular Olive Wood Click Set from addi®! Made from the same recycled olive wood as the fixed circular needles, you'll love the inclusion of SOS cords with this set.

Shop for an addi® Olive Wood Click Set

Check out our Makers' Minute on correctly 'Clicking' your Clicks Tips:

Makers Minute - Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

By Katie Rempe 2 months ago 384 Views No comments

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! You can help by purchasing Egg-stra Special Sock Kits and pre-make knitted items on the Makers' 'Giving Back' section of the website.

Remember, taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your loved ones!

For more information on Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness, visit www.marsharivkin.org

Purchase Egg-stra Special Sock Kits

Visit the 'Giving Back' Section of Makers Mercantile to purchase pre-made items.

Makers' Minute - Caribou Yarn by HiKoo®

By Katie Rempe 2 months ago 491 Views No comments

Katie tells you about her favorite furry yarn, Caribou by HiKoo®! It's great for baby items, toys, and anything else you want against the skin! Caribou Critter Kits AND blankets kits are available as well, see below!

Shop Caribou

Shop Puff the sheep pattern

Shop Caribou Critters Pattern

Shop Caribou Critter Kits - Dog

Shop Caribou Critter Kits - Monkey

Shop Caribou Critter Kits - Bear

Shop Caribou Squares or Stripes Blanket Kits (pink/purple)

Shop Caribou Squares or Stripes Blanket Kits (blue/green)

Shop Caribou Black and White Gingham Blanket Kit

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